A passion since 1980

Lupato Company started in 1980, it designs and manufactures steel structures and accessories for drywall

Lupato has linked its name with a strategy focused on the customer service, innovation and quality. It boasts a wealth of experience of 40 years during which it has filed many patents in order to evolve the interior finishes field.

Thanks to the acquired know-how Lupato can make its technical department and instruments available to
clients and designers for consulting on the construction of structures and certificate processing.

Teamwork to us is...

Seriousness and professionalism are the strength of the company,
composed of a team of competent and motivated collaborators
that ensure and guarantee excellence in the market.

Contact us

Lupato Srl

Via Delle Arti e Mestieri, 13 33080
Roveredo in Piano (PN) ITALIA
P.Iva 01202030936
tel +39 0434 922004
fax +39 0434 923086 


Via Delle Arti E Mestieri, Roveredo In Piano, PN 33080

Tel: 0434 922004